About Us

TaxpayersAdvocate.org is 17-year-old non-partisan organization that endorses and campaigns for viable candidates, ballot measure and causes which represent the best interest of the taxpayers continue

About Scott Barnett

Scott Barnett has spent over three decades in local government, state and local politics and public policy. He is recognized as a skilled advocate and an expert in media relations and has appeared dozens of times on local, state and national media. In 1984 Mr. Barnett was elected to the Del Mar continue

Strategic Partners

Taxpayers Advocate works with a wide range of experts, including Dr. Richard Parker, Professor Emeritus in Economics, San Diego State University  continue


Taxpayers Award of Merit

Because Government Should be Recognized When They do Things Well!

Taxpayers Advocate recently started a new program where we review local governments and special districts, from Cities to School, Fire and Water Districts, other agencies that serve the public and award a Taxpayers Award of Merit based on checklists of best practices.

These reviews can include a focused analysis of budgets to a broader look at operations, service level satisfaction surveys, CIP programs etc, depending on the wishes of the government entity.

Contact Taxpayers Advocate for more information on how your agency can earn the Taxpayers Advocate Award of Merit.


Taxpayers Advocate has spent over two decades involved in local government, politics and public policy issues in San Diego County, and is a recognized expert in local government and politics, specializing in political campaigns and strategic consulting on public policy, and land-use issues continue